October 10, 2008

Long-lost twins?

Sarah Palin: Can you tell the difference between Tina Fey-as-Sarah Palin and Sarah Palin-as-Sarah Palin? Yeah, neither can we.

John McCain:
Most grandparents are the same age as John McCain. Can you see them as president? Didn’t think so.

Janet Jackson: The most (in)famous female in the Jackson clan will resume touring after a mysterious illness.  Bad gas?  Old age?  Fatigue?  No official word so until then, let the lies and rumors continue!

DWTS: How long til 82-year-old Cloris Leachman breaks a hip? And didn’t Toni Braxton cancel concerts a short while ago for a heart problem?

90210: Memo to Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah! Bring back Kelly–with Dylan!

Anorexic Hollywood: So how many of Hollywood’s closet anorexics used Yom Kippur fasting as an excuse to not eat?

Nikki Blonsky

STILL SIZZLING: Which TV personality many of you love to hate is thrilled about Britney’s comeback?  She’s been waiting for it for months!

One Response to “October 10, 2008”

  1. SNL tonight…can’t wait!

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