January 3, 2009

A glimpse into Ashlee's "best" year ever.

A glimpse into Ashlee's "best" year ever.

Grey’s Anatomy: Yes, Chyler Leigh is pregnant.  No, it won’t be written into the show.  Prepare for awkward missing-belly shots.

Project Runway: Definitely hasn’t been anything but trouble for Lifetime, who has to refund money to advertisers who expected the show to air this winter.

Rosie O’Donnell: Won’t be blogging this year.  Major disappointment to people who were addicted to her Ask Ro section.  Not that that includes us or anything…

Ashlee Simpson: Called 2008 the “greatest year” of her life.  How long until her perfect world falls apart?

Scrubs: So this is definitely the last season….sort of.  The show execs are open to a spinoff! Just without Zach Braff…

Melrose Place: No one’s attached to star in the remake yet but the rumor mill says Heather Locklear is a wanted woman.  What else is new?

Regis and Kelly: We don’t deal with change very well so this news is quite upsetting.  Live! with Regis and Kelly will return from its holiday hiatus with a new opening, a new theme song, new logos and an altered set.  How’s that for an extreme makeover?

John McCain: Made more late-night TV appearances than any other candidate.  We see how that helped him.  Or not.

SIZZLED OUT: Kevin Federline

STILL SIZZLING: This network is offering free hugs and coupons for peace t-shirts.  Heartwarming or sketchy?

One Response to “January 3, 2009”

  1. I love Scrubs! So excited!

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