Golden Globes: LIVE BLOGGING

Dustin Hoffman says Kung Fu Panda and Meet the Fockers 2 are in the works.

Hate that everyone acts like they know each other.  Do they really?!  Probably not.

Angelina looks like she’s been wearing practically the same dress at all these shows lately. Hmmmm

Do you think the nominees really saw all the films in their category?

“Hello!  Mama talkin’!”–Jennifer Lopez

Best Supporting Actress (Movie): Kate Winslet, The Reader

“Look I won!” Kate Winslet to her kids

Kate didn’t thank her co-stars!

Love seeing Kate and Leo together!

Why must Miley stick her tongue out?!

Mickey Rourke has such an interesting sense of style, no?

Best Original Song: Bruce Springsteen for The Wrestler

Best Supporting Actor (TV): Tom Wilkinson, John Adams

Best Supporting Actress (TV): Laura Dern, Recount

Dern’s looking forward to “amazing change in this country.” Us, too, Laura.  Us, too.

So how many people are actually sitting and how many are mingling?

Superstars of Dance commercial #1

Why, oh, why, would Don Cheadle ruin his cred and star in Hotel for Dogs?!

Seen in 137 countries…but not all at the same time so they could just look up the winners online.  Same with the west coast!

The president of the Hollywood Foreign Press is adorable!

Much rather see Zac present with Vanessa than Hayden!

“All great actors, all great roles.”–Zac Efron, failing to sound pround

Best Actor (TV Drama): Gabriel Burns, In Treatment

Oops, confusion on who would read!  Zac, get with the program!

Best Actress (TV Drama): Anna Paquin, True Blood

Our favorite Anna Paquin movie: Fly Away Home

A commercial break SO is not enough time for the stars to get to the bathroom.

Holocaust jokes are NEVER okay, Ricky Gervais!

Beyonce looks beautiful as always.

Would’ve been cuter if all the JoBros wore the same thing, no?

Hope Miley wins and there’s awkwardness on stage with Nick!  Muahahahahaha!

But how stereotypical to have the youngest guests present the animated award?

Best Animated Film: Wall-E

Catch Nick breathe a sigh of relief?

Johnny Depp looks sexy…as always.

Best Actress (Comedy Movie): Sally Hawkins, Happy-Go-Lucky

Do your hands hurt after clapping so much?

Disrespectful to put the (newly redesigned) trophy on the floor, no?

Hawkins: drugged or stunned?  Either way, she’ll be mortified tomorrow.

Best Miniseries or TV Movie: John Adams

Demi looks better than Rumer, Miss Golden Globe!

Best Supporting Actor (Movie): Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight)

Was Demi visibly uncomfortable announcing that?

“After Heath passed on, you saw a whole ripped in the middle of cinema.”–Christopher Nolan

Next on the Globes?  What happened to Golden?  Give us the adjective back!

On my Twitter feed: Jennifer Lopez comes with Mark Anthony but not wearing wedding ring.  Thoughts?

Commercial: A Day in the Life with Drew Peterson sounds pretty interesting.

“I still have a cold.  It’s not what it used to be.”–Colin Farrell

Best Foreign Language Film: Waltz With Bashir (Israel)

Yay Israel!

“Hope when [our kids] look at the film it will look like an ancient video game that has nothing to do with their lives whatsoever.”–Ari Folman

Best Supporting Actress (Miniseries or TV Movie): Laura Linney (John Adams)

Maggie, what are you wearing?!

Who else wants Aaron Eckhart to somehow return in the next Batman movie?!

Why have I never heard of Bernard and Doris?

Seth Rogen looks PHENOMENAL!  And yes, Elizabeth Banks does, too.

Best Screenplay: Slumdog Millionaire

Is Patrick Dempsey the star of Grey’s Anatomy or a star?

Best Actor (TV Comedy): Alec Baldwin (30 Rock)

His face looks like it’s getting bigger and bigger.

Did Renee forget to look in the mirror?!

Pulling for The Reader, for a number of reasons including to honor Sydney Pollack and Anthony LaMinghella.

Forget Megan Fox.  We want Brian Austin Green!

Best Actor (Miniseries or TV Movie): Paul Giamatti (John Adams)

John Adams is cleaning up!

Best TV Series (Comedy): 30 Rock

Tina Fey and I had an agreement if Barack Obama won I would speak for the show from now on.”–Tracy Morgan (so hysterical, wish I had the whole thing!

Commercial: Ben McKenzie! Ben McKenzie!

Why is Pierce Brosnan presenting his own film?

Diddy always cleans up well.

Best Score: Slumdog Millionaire

David Duchovny calls Tea Leoni his wife…but aren’t they splitting up?

Best Actress (TV Comedy): Tina Fey (30 Rock)

Should her co-star really have presented that?!

If you ever start to feel too good about yourself, there’s this thing called the Internet and you can find them there.  So Cougarlover, you can suck it!”–Tina Fey

LOVE that we finally understand the Cecil B. DeMille award! (Thank you, Sunset Blvd. and Hollis Griffin!)

We will never not laugh when seeing Martin Scorsese and his classes.

Took this long to give Spielberg this award?

Schindler’s List gets me every time!

Love that they included Anamanics!

Amazing the number of actors who have worked with Spielberg, no?

Is Scorsese crying?!

“There’s my inspiration, right there.”–Spielberg on Scorsese

“We can’t forget we’re an audience of individuals.”–Spielberg

So how many commercials for He’s Just Not That Into You is that?

Best Director: Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire)

Slumdog is also doing very well tonight!

Boyle start to break down there in the end?

Is Katie there with Tom?  Guessing not, since the camera would show if she were.

Very accurate Revolutionary Road description!

Best Actor (Comedy Movie): Colin Farrell (In Bruges)

Weird that he beat out his castmate?

“What we all do at the end of the day…is about love.”–Farrell

Best Picture (Comedy Movie): Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Where’s Woody?  Where’s Scarlett?

Again, why are actors presenting their own film?

Freida Pinto is GORGEOUS!

Cannot wait for The Sister’s Keeper, though it won’t be better than the book.

Best Actress (Movie Drama): Kate Winslet (Revolutionary Road)

Love that she hugged Leo before her husband (and the film’s director!)

“Oh, god.  Who’s the other one?! (pause) Angelina!”–Winslet

“Please wrap up?  You have no idea how much I’m not wrapping up!”–Winslet

How do you remember everyone that worked on each and every film?!

Way to mess up, Blake!

Best TV Series (Drama): Mad Men

Best Actor (Movie Drama): Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler)

Comeback complete?

While we don’t think Leo deserved it, it would’ve been nice to see both him and Kate win.

Rourke is thanking his dogs.  Um, okay.

Oh, the Globes were sponsored by Cadillac?  Yeah, thanks for all those commercials.

Commercial: Probably the most annoying one for Oreo we’ve ever seen.

First time I’ve ever seen a Kings preview!

Best Picture (Drama): Slumdog Millionaire

“They’re wrapping me up! Fuck!”–Christian Colson

Only 7PM on the west coast…and the partying will begin!

8 Responses to “Golden Globes: LIVE BLOGGING”

  1. Danny Salerno Says:

    Been tweeting me all night! So, since I am intrigued by your energy, watch the rest of Globe “together”!

  2. Danny Salerno Says:

    Tina Fey really does ROCK…the legacy of SNL over 30 years lives through her and so many others. And Alec Baldwin, well, he is as great a serious actor as he is a comedian!

  3. Thanks for joining us, Danny!

  4. Danny Salerno Says:

    Then see “The Boy in Striped Pajamas”

  5. Danny Salerno Says:

    Then see “The Boy in Striped Pajamas” a small Schindler style flick

  6. Danny Salerno Says:

    I should have known you would have seen the best.

  7. Danny Salerno Says:

    Last snide comments were really tasteless from the British gent. Even at the Globes. Someone should have shut him off at the bar.

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