October 11, 2008 Pt. 2

The original cast of 90210!

The original cast of 90210!

Entourage: Watched it for the first time this week.  Loved it.  Now how the hell do we catch up?!

90210: CBS, which owns the rights to the original (and the only as far as we’re concerned) 90210, has partnered with YouTube to show full episodes on-line.  Though only the first 5 of season one are available right now, it’s still better than the crappy imitation on the CW.

Danielle Fishel: The Dish host says every time she leaves her house, fans call her Topanga.  Know what that means?  Time for a Boy Meets World reunion!

HSM: PEOPLE has put out a special issue in anticipation of HSM 3.  Buy! Buy! Buy!

Rachel Bilson: Still with Hayden Christensen.  Can’t say we blame her but I guess that means no happy ending for Summer and Seth after all.

One Response to “October 11, 2008 Pt. 2”

  1. My girlfriend is taking me to see HSM3 on opening night at midnight, but I’m actually really looking forward to going. Saw the second one when it came out and then first after that. Pretty catchy for a bunch of singing and dancing kids.

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