November 1, 2008

The original Zack!

The original Zack!

Zac vs. Zack: It’s a battle of the Zac(k)s this weekend–one real, one fictional.  As much as we love us some HSM, we saw Zach and Miri last night and it was pretty funny.  We have a feeling Efron will still come out on top, though.  (Though we can’t forget about our other favorite Zack: Zack Morris!)

MPAA: It’s become common knowledge now the struggle Zack and Miri faced in trying to get a R rating, instead of NC-17.  You can thank the MPAA for that (and for other weird decisions), whose ratings system turns 40 today.

Sarah Silverman: What’s more awkward than an awkward break up?  Making fun of said break up with your ex on national television. Awkward for them, that is.  Hilarious for us.

Heidi Klum: The supermodel may pull off a super disappearance if a certain Republican wins the election.  Guys, start your protests now.

Fashion Rocks: The annual fashion show/concert benefiting charity won’t happen next year.  And, yes, you can blame the economy.

SIZZLED OUT: Hilarie Burton

STILL SIZZLING: This controversial TV judge failed to make the cut.  His girlfriend of six years just dumped him!

*Note: We’re sizzled out until Monday, 11/3.  Try to hang in there!

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