ABC Pre-show: hosted by Robin Roberts (who looks great!), Tim Gunn and Jess Cagle (the editor of Entertainment Weekly, whom we used to work with at PEOPLE!)

Kate Winslet first star to beinterviewed.  Liked the dress but the one from the Globes showed off her body better.

Sarah Jessica Parker wearing gorgeous Dior dress with dirty blonde hair–not a fan of that.  Hubby Broderick has some grey strands!

SJP says they are “working on a story” for Sex and the City 2!

Quote: “Richard Nixon could not be here tonight.”–Cagle

Still cannot believe how skinny Seth Rogen is now!

Leslie Mann’s dress is beautiful.

Love the question: if there was an earthquake tonight, who would you save?

Rogen says Judd Apatow, Apatow says his wife!

Little tribute to Oscar Valentino.

Slumdog Millionaire people brought everyone and their mother.

What’s with Angelina Jolie’s green earrings?!  Totally don’t go.

Zac and Vanessa are such a beautiful couple but Zac would do without the bowtie.

Quote: “Angelina is like my favorite person of all history.”–Miley Cyrus

Always forget what a man-voice Miley has.

Penelope Cruz=first person with beautiful hair, dress, makeup, etc.

First time we’ve ever seen Jack Black’s wife!!

INTENSE bottom/train to Marisa Tomei’s dress.

Show begins in 5 minutes.

Seth Rogen has lost soo much weight.  Still a shock whenever we see him.

Love Leslie Mann’s dress.

Funny question: if there was an earthquake tonight, who would you save? Rogen says Judd Apatow and Apatow says his wife, Leslie.

100,000 crystals in the crystal curtain!

Forgot how short Cagle is!

So excited to see Hugh Jackman’s opening!

And here we go…

The 81st Annual Academy Awards

Sponsored by: Diet Coke, Sprint, Hyundai.  Get ready for a trillion commercials by those folks.

Rounded stage with audience forming a crescent or semi-circle around it.  Interesting.

Will never get tired of Jackman’s Aussie accent.

Quote: I’m an Australian who played an Australian in a movie called Australia.  And I’m hosting.–Jackman

Love the makeshift Slumdog set.

That’s some awesome dancing.

So great that he referenced The Dark Knight getting screwed.

Hysterical Benj. Button sketch.

Is he lip-syncing?  Or does it just look like it on our broadcast?

Anne Hathaway given notice before being carried on stage?  Clearly.

Love that they incorporated a duet!!!!!!

Hey, we saw The Reader!

This is such a clever song.  Can’t wait to get the lyrics!

Phenomenal opening number!  He nailed it!

Always so awkward when a host goes into the audience.

Did Mickey Rourke finally get a haircut?

Quote: We have a 7-second delay but if you win we switch to 20 minutes.-Jackman on Rourke

Yes! Sexiest Man Alive reference!

Quote: I’m contractually obligated to mention them 5 times.–Jackman on Brangelina

Steroids reference.  Better than a direct A-Rod reference.

Streep: 15 wins or nominations?  We’re confuzzled.

Clips of female Oscar winners.

Smart: It led to Whoppi, Goldie, etc. presenting Best Supporting Actress.

Wow, are they going to fill the show with long intros to each nominee?!

Quote: It’s not easy being a nun.–Whoopi

Hope there’s double-sided tape holding up Goldie’s dress!

Is that Logan Marshall Green (Trey from The O.C.) sitting next to Tomei?!

Best Supporting Actress: Penelope Cruz (Vicky Christina Barcelona)

Quote: Has anyone ever fainted here? I might be the first one.–Cruz

Funny to hear her say ‘Woody’

Okay, the problem is definitely the feed because sound and lips don’t match up at all.

Cruz is saying something in Spanish.  If she spoke slower we could translate but…eh.

Tina Fey and Steve Martin doing great bit about presenting.  Now have no idea what they’re talking about!

Best Original Screenplay: Dustin Lance Black (Milk)

Wow, he seems super young!

First subtle Prop 8 reference.  Actually very moving.

Quote: Don’t fall in love with me!–Steve Martin to Fey

Best Adapted Screenplay: Simon Beaufoy (Slumdog Millionaire)

Slumdog’s first win.  Will they sweep?

And will Benj. Button go 0 for 13?  They haven’t won at any show yet!

Jennifer Aniston and Jack Black is kind of a weird pairing.

Love her dress!  She looks very 90s right now.  What does Brad Pitt think?

Jolie is smiling!  Interesting!

Is John Mayer there?

Very clever way of showing all the animated films from this year.  Love that it’s Wall-E based.

Is Black really presenting an award in which his own film is nominated?  That is not okay, regardless of the outcome.

Best Animated Feature: Wall-E

No surprise.  But should it have been nominated for Best Picture?

Quote: Creative seeds are sewn in the oddest of laces.–Andrew Stanton

Quote: Did you watch anything this year that you weren’t in?–Aniston to Black

Best Animated Short Film: La maison en petits cube

Still don’t like SJP’s hair color.  She pulls off her dress well, though.

Very clever, well-done sets this year, specific to each category.

Best Art Direction: The Curious Case of Benjmain Button

The losing streak is over!  1 for 13 and 1 for 929823981 overall.

Interesting to have each pair of presenters do more than one award.  Limits number of presenters you can have but also gives seemless quality, no?

Best Costume Design: The Duchess

So was that the only good thing about this movie?

Wow, SJP and Daniel Craig doing a third award!  This has gotta be a new precedent.

Best Makeup: Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Makes them 2 for 13.  Could tonight be their comeback?

The guy accepting does not seem happy.

What is Amanda Seyfried wearing?!

Robert Pattison as promised.  Looking incredibly hot with his scowl.

Clip reel of “romance in 2008” is very sweet.

Yes! They included HSM! Thrice!

Very cute that they closed on Wall-E.

Like that they’re going through the process of making a film in the way they’re presenting the awards.

That’s some pink on Natalie Portman!  And some beard on Ben Stiller!

Really hate the scripted, rehearsed banter.  Never good in any show no matter who it is.

Just got that he’s making fun of Joaquin Phoenix.

Quote: You look like you work in a Hasidic meth lab.–Portman on Stiller

Portman is trying so hard not to laugh–as everyone else is!

Pitt and Jolie going head-to-head in this next category.

Best Cinematography: Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog now 2 for 2.

That dude’s hair rivals Rourke’s!

Announcer promises more Jackman.  We want more song-and-dance numbers!

Ugh, what is Jessica Biel wearing?!  She and Seyfried must’ve gotten dressed together.

Has ABC really not shown any promos for DWTS or any of its shows? Impressive.

Franco and Rogen filmed a special skit!  That’s great!

Quote: Who do you think is a better actor? Ronald Regan or Barack Obama?–Franco

Franco watching Franco!

Quote: Think I can make this into a pipe?–Rogen on the Oscar statue

Quote: If you liked that piece, I helped write it.  And if you didn’t, it was all Judd Apatow.–Rogen

This DP guy is funny!

Best Short Film: Spielzguland

Franco couldn’t pronounce it!  Funny!

“Once-in-a-lifetime performance coming up.”  What could it be?

Well, there goes the no ABC promos idea.  New show Castle was just advertised.

Quote: The musical is back!–Hugh Jackman

Yay!  Another performance by Jackman!  Classic Broadway throwback.

Brad Pitt throwing the cane would’ve been cooler if we saw his face and not just darkness.

Beyonce performing with Jackman!

Love that they’re doing musical highlights!  Singin’ in the Rain, Grease, Moulin Rouge and more!

Beyonce doing At Last, of course.

Will they include HSM?

OMG! They did!  Zac and Vanessa performing!  That is AMAZING!

Must be really amazing to perform live with your boyfriend.  Sigh.

And Seyfried and Dominic Cooper from Mama Mia.

Baz Lurman made that.  Not surprised.

This will go down in Oscar history.  Calling it right now!

Though we suppose it might’ve been painful if you’re not a fan of musicals.  TOO BAD!

Now it’s time for the actor montage.  Can’t be sexist!

Christopher Walken, Kevin Kline, Alan Arkin, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Joel Grey presenting.

Really like this style of presenting.

John Mayer is there!  Sitting next to Aniston in a tux.

Funny or weird that they have a black guy explaining a white guy nominated for playing a guy in blackface?

Curious to see what they’re going to say about Heath Ledger.

A lot of the guys need haircuts.  See: Walken, Kline, Michael Shannon, etc.

Showing Ledger’s family.  Michelle Williams doesn’t seem to be present.

Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight)

That was a given.  Curious to see what the feedback would’ve been if he hadn’t won.

Standing ovation as mother, father and sister comes to stage.

Matilda supposedly getting his Oscar.  But how long will that take?

Jolie seems to have tears in her eyes.

Documentary reel.

Bill Maher presenting and plugging his own doc.

Quote: You’re all crying and now I have to go on.–Maher

Best Documentary Feature: Man on Wire

Crazy foreign dude doing magic and balancing Oscar on his chin.  Wow.

Best Documentary Short: Smile Pinki

And here’s a DWTS promo.  Kind of sucks you in, no?

Tom Cruise and Jimmy Kimmel commercial. Who’s more desperate?

Cool but predictable reel of action clips.

Really like that they’re doing reels from all these major genres.

Will Smith looking good as always.  Wearing a diamond-encrusted cross on his lapel.

Outstanding Visual Effects: Curious Case of Benjamin Button

They are doing quite well tonight, especially given the other awards shows this season.

Outstanding Sound Editing: The Dark Knight

Outstanding Sound Mixing: Slumdog Millionaire

What is the difference between those last two categories?

Boyle in shock.  A happy shock.  Slumdog now has its 3rd win, tied with Benj. Button.

Can we get back to the exciting awards now?

Quote: Uh, yes, they still have me here.-Smith

Outstanding Editing: Slumdog Millionaire

And here comes number 4.

If you bet the Slumdog would do the best tonight, you could walk away with a lot of money.

Next ABC promo: In the Motherhood

Eddie Murphey presenting Jerry Lewis with Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.

Quote: From one Nutty professor to another–Murphey

Very short but respectable speech from Lewis.

They cut to Heidi Klum and her hair looks phenom!

More Zac Efron!  Score!

Medley of the nominated scores.  Audiences never like this part.

Best Original Score: Slumdog Millionaire

Fifth Slumdog win!

Alicia Keyes messes up but covers very smoothly.  Even looked scripted!

Medley of the nominated songs.  Peter Gabriel was pissed that they weren’t performing them individually.

Cool that there are drummers in the audience.

Oooh!  They’re combing songs now!  Very pretty!

Best Original Song: Jai Ho, Slumdog Millionaire

Fair that Slumdog got two nominees in this category?

Fair that there are only 3 nominees all together in this category?

Every time Slumdog wins, they cut to Dev Patel’s huge smile.

That was number 6 for Slumdog, by the way.

Best Foreign Film: The Departures (Japan)

Queen Latifah performing I’ll Be Seeing You, as mentioned last week, for the in memoriam tribute.

Forgot what a beautiful voice she has!

Paul Newman gets loudest applause and longest tribute.

Nice to see Reese Withersppon but not feeling her dress at all.  Lose the sashay crap!

Best Director: Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire)

Probably the second-least surprising win of the night.

Danced like Tigger.  His words.  Not ours.

Seventh win for Slumdog.

Three awards left, folks!

Best Actress clip reel.  Lots of tears, laughs and thank yous.

Shirley McClaine, Nicole Kidman, Sophia Loren, Halle Berry and the Vie en Rose girl presenting.

They got a standing O!

Berry and Kidman look wonderful, dresses and all.

Hathaway in tears as McClaine gives her nomination.

Yup, it’s 15 noms for Meryl Streep.

Like that Streep and daughter are color-coordinated.

Jolie wearing huge emerald rock.  Matches those ugly earrings.

Best Actress: Kate Winslet (The Reader)

Yes!  She is so deserving!

If only she won the Globe, too!

Winslet breathless but more put together than at SAG awards.

Love that she yelled to her parents in the balcony!

Quote: I’m sorry, Meryl, but you just have to suck that up!-Winslet

Still not feeling her hair.

Time for the Best Actor clip reel.

Ben Kingsley, Robert DiNiro, Adrien Brody, Anthony Hopkins and Michael Douglas presenting.

Must be really nice when both mom (Jolie) and dad (Pitt) are nominated for top honors.  Too bad they’re too young to understand!

Robert Pattison sitting behind Rourke.  Yum.

Best Actor: Sean Penn (Milk)

Love that wife Robin Wright grabbed his face and kissed him.

Love that she’s crying!

Quote: You commie, homo-loving sons of guns!–Penn

Quote: I realize how hard I make it for you to appreciate me.–Penn

Prop 8 reference!

Quote: We’ve got to have equal rights for everyone.–Penn

Quote: Mickey Rourke rises again and he is my brother.–Penn

Only fellow nom to get a shotout!

No thanks to Wright?  Shame!

Both Jolie and Pitt coming home empty-handed.  Though they get to go home with each other.  Damn them.

Stephen Spielberg presenting last award!  Very fitting.

Nominees: The Reader, Frost/Nixon, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Slumdog Millionaire andMilk

Past winner clip reel spliced with nominees.  Kind of cool.  Kind of strange.

Best Picture: Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog went 8 for 8, sweeping everything it was nominated for!

Short acceptance speech but tons of people on stage.

Jackman closes the show but promises clips of upcoming movies.

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  1. What a great idea! Your live blog is so much fun. Loveee it <333

  2. I couldn’t watch this year, but thanks to you play-by-play it was no biggie. Thanks for the snappy updates!

  3. I wish Wall-E would have won more! What a great movie, .

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