February 23, 2009

Make room for one more!

Make room for one more!

Oscars: Complete coverage here!

Oscars Pt. 2: Putting a new twist on a best/worst dressed list, The Daily Beast looks at past dresses that were unfairly slammed.

American Idol: Can tragedy earn you votes?  Finalist Danny Gokey promises that’s not his strategy but there’s no way it won’t affect people’s view of him.

Kelly Clarkson: Her entire new album was “accidentally” leaked by a foreign iTunes service.  Don’t think it’ll hurt record sales, though.

Nicole Richie: She and babydaddy Joel Madden are expecting kid number two!  Maybe they should get married?

Clay Aiken: Some reports say he was dropped, others say he left.  Regardless how you spin it, Aiken is no longer with RCA records.

Wheel of Fortune: Our episode (airing Friday!) is getting so much promotion!  There’s even a little article about it in this week’s PEOPLE!

Defamer: Merging into Gawker.  Would be sad if we thought there was a real difference between the two anyway.


STILL SIZZLING: This comedian who previously said she was going to spend this year “unplugged,” took to her blog to say she’s “lovin’ Tyra” and promote her appearance on the talk show.

2 Responses to “February 23, 2009”

  1. Who uses iTunes anyway when everything out there is can be obtained for free?

  2. I’ll answer that, Mary. I used to use LimeWire b/c it was free. I could’t see spendinf all that money for ALL the songs I wanted to download; you know what? For that .99cents you get a lot more than you get for free. Namely, better quality, the correct name of the song, coreect album cover to go with that song.
    After downloadeing 300 songs from LimeWire I switched to iTunes and have never been happier. All my songs, artists and album covers are so much better organized. The song quality is amazing. So what if it takes a littled longer to build my song repetoire. It’s worth it. Good Luck!

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