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February 23, 2009

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Make room for one more!

Make room for one more!

Oscars: Complete coverage here!

Oscars Pt. 2: Putting a new twist on a best/worst dressed list, The Daily Beast looks at past dresses that were unfairly slammed.

American Idol: Can tragedy earn you votes?  Finalist Danny Gokey promises that’s not his strategy but there’s no way it won’t affect people’s view of him.

Kelly Clarkson: Her entire new album was “accidentally” leaked by a foreign iTunes service.  Don’t think it’ll hurt record sales, though.

Nicole Richie: She and babydaddy Joel Madden are expecting kid number two!  Maybe they should get married?

Clay Aiken: Some reports say he was dropped, others say he left.  Regardless how you spin it, Aiken is no longer with RCA records.

Wheel of Fortune: Our episode (airing Friday!) is getting so much promotion!  There’s even a little article about it in this week’s PEOPLE!

Defamer: Merging into Gawker.  Would be sad if we thought there was a real difference between the two anyway.


STILL SIZZLING: This comedian who previously said she was going to spend this year “unplugged,” took to her blog to say she’s “lovin’ Tyra” and promote her appearance on the talk show.

October 21, 2008

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James Dean or James Franco?

James Dean or James Franco? Doesn't matter; we love them both!

Jeff Probst: Hosting a new show called Live Like You Were Dying.  Except the people really are dying.  That’s not, you know, sad, creepy or weird at all.

Gossip Girl: Meta quote of the episode: “Who watches TV on a TV anyway?”  Ah, the good ol’ days.

Sarah Palin: Are some conservatives only backing her because she’s hot?  Some people think so.

Nicole Richie: Quoted in PEOPLE: “I tell [babydaddy] Joel ‘Even when I’m really mad at you, I could never really hate you because you look like Harlow.”  Now that’s what love and long-lasting relationships are built on!

SNL: The show has experienced a resurgence as of late but what will happen when the election is over?

James Franco: We just watched him in James Dean–the movie, not the person–and now we’re kind of obsessed.  And then to find out how much he values education–he’s going for his masters–well, we just found our dreamboy!


STILL SIZZLING: Which actor–who appeared in the closing minutes of the first film–will play a larger role in the Iron Man sequel?