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February 25, 2009

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Megan Fox: Guys everywhere had their hope restored yesterday when news broke that Fox and fiance Brian Austin Green called it quits.  News flash, boys: she still isn’t going to get with you!

The CW: In an unusual move, the netlet gave early pick-ups to 6 of its shows: Gossip Girl, 90210, One Tree Hill, Supernatural, Smallville and ANTM.  That means TeenDramaWhore is very happy!

Liz Smith: The longtime gossip queen has been cut from the New York Post.  At least she still has wowOwow but who knows if that makes any money?

Nickelodeon: After being the front-runner in kids programming for so long, there’s no question now that Disney Channel has come ahead in the race.  But can Nick come back?  We say yes.  Kids and tweens are fickle.  They’ll watch whatever is “good” and “popular.”

Jonas Brothers: Speaking of kids and tweens, their beloved trio will making surprise visits at theatres across the country at screenings of their movie.  Hope medical personnel will be on hand for all the fainting!

Defamer: (via Gawker) has a fun/creepy look at celeb relationships that have gone sour long after the tattoo ink dried.

Twitter: Damn those 140-character limits!  Journ George Stephanopoulous had to explain that he ate potates, not “pot” at Obama-sponsored lunch.


STILL SIZZLING: All this month TMC will pay tribute to this former president who had a lucruative career before going into politics.

October 21, 2008

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James Dean or James Franco?

James Dean or James Franco? Doesn't matter; we love them both!

Jeff Probst: Hosting a new show called Live Like You Were Dying.  Except the people really are dying.  That’s not, you know, sad, creepy or weird at all.

Gossip Girl: Meta quote of the episode: “Who watches TV on a TV anyway?”  Ah, the good ol’ days.

Sarah Palin: Are some conservatives only backing her because she’s hot?  Some people think so.

Nicole Richie: Quoted in PEOPLE: “I tell [babydaddy] Joel ‘Even when I’m really mad at you, I could never really hate you because you look like Harlow.”  Now that’s what love and long-lasting relationships are built on!

SNL: The show has experienced a resurgence as of late but what will happen when the election is over?

James Franco: We just watched him in James Dean–the movie, not the person–and now we’re kind of obsessed.  And then to find out how much he values education–he’s going for his masters–well, we just found our dreamboy!


STILL SIZZLING: Which actor–who appeared in the closing minutes of the first film–will play a larger role in the Iron Man sequel?