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September 29, 2008

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The 'princess' in happier days.

The princess in happier days

David Foster Wallace: Any one else feel the need to read Infinite Jest now that this so-called literary genius is gone?  If only it weren’t 998239271 pages.

Kelsey Grammer: Did you know he’s a Republican?  One of the, like, three “out” ones in Hollywood.  We’ll never view him the same way again!

Anne Hathaway: We can’t decide if we should feel bad that her prince didn’t turn out to be so charming or if we want to laugh in her face.  Lesson learned: Even celebs aren’t lucky in love.  And always do a background check before getting serious!

Edie Falco: After all that time hanging around The Sopranos, it’s no wonder she’s ended up in the ER–on a new Showtime series, that is.   We all know creativity is lacking in Hollywood right now, but do we really need another medical drama?

Legally Blonde: The party’s over for Elle Woods.  The Broadway closing isn’t that much of a shock, what with the economy right now and an MTV reality show–aka, the kiss of death!

September 28, 2008

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