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February 16, 2009

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One of these things is not like the others.

One of these things is not like the others.

Chris Brown: One week after news first broke about the alledged assault, Brown finally released a statement saying he’s “saddened” by what’s happened but urges people not to believe everything they hear and read.  Brown might have more to say after tonight when MTV airs a special on his relationship with Rihanna.

Grammys: When Brown and Rihanna canceled their appearances due to the above, Justin Timberlake came to the rescue by putting together a last-minute performance.

American Idol: All seven winners gathered in Disney World to open a new attraction called The American Idol Experience.  Very original title!

Twitter: Reports say the micro-blogging site is worth $230 million.  But it’s still no Facebook!


STILL SIZZLING: This upcoming Dancing With the Stars contestant is suspiciously absent from any related articles on the Entertainment Tonight site.  Could it be because she’s the host of a rival program??

February 10, 2009

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First comes RENT, then comes marriage.  And now, some Practice!

First comes RENT, then comes marriage. And now, some Practice!

Chris Brown: And the plot thickens.  While he hasn’t been charged with battery (just criminal threats) and no official reps or agencies have confirmed the woman involved was in fact Rihanna, apparently their’s hasn’t been a happy relationship for quite some time.

Kate Hudson: Back with Owen Wilson once again.  Perhaps third time’s a charm?

Idina Menzel: Though we usually don’t like it when couples work together, we’re a sucker for this pair.  Menzel will guest-star on an episode of hubby Taye Diggs’ Private Practice.

Grammys: Increased its ratings by about 10 percent.  Pretty impressive since award shows have generally been on the decline.  Guess people liked all those performances!

American Idol: Paula has officially gone on the record saying she thinks this year’s winner will be a guy again. How can she say that? (Then again, how can she say a lot of things she says…)  It’s way too early to make a statement like that.  Anything can happen!

DWTS: They always come back in the end.  Months after saying she wouldn’t appear on the show again, Julianne Hough will be back this season as a dancing pro.  Her partner: real-life boyfriend Chris Wicks.  Great foreplay, we suppose, but the tension and stress certainly can’t be good for the relationship.

SIZZLE: Did you notice our new header?  We loves it! All the credit goes to Maddie at Better in Pink.

SIZZLED OUT: Alex Rodriguez

STILL SIZZLING: This guy, probably best known right now as the much-younger husband to music’s one-time ultimate diva, will be the new host of America’s Got Talent, now that Jerry Springer has stepped down.

February 9, 2009

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Can you believe this was 14 years ago?!

Can you believe this was 14 years ago?!

Grammys: Great show.  Full recap here.

Chris Brown: WTF is going on?!  Please tell us Rihanna is not the woman he got in a fight with!  Will this kill his previously-stellar rep?  Or is he innocent until proven guilty?

Usher: Canceled his pre-Grammy performance after someone in his family was injured.  PEOPLE claims it was his wife, Tameka Foster, and from a plastic surgery operation.

Blink-182: In addition to announcing their reunion at the Grammys, the group also updated their official site with the news.  “Friendships reformed,” new album, world tour.  So exciting!

Jennifer Aniston: Making a movie about artificial insemination.  Foreshadowing?

Jennifer Aniston, Pt. 2: Says she wouldn’t be opposed to a Friends reunion special.  Hurrah!

DWTS: Announced contestants include: Denise Richards, Steve-O, Lil’ Kim, Jewel (and her husband!) and Nancy O’Dell.  Full list here.  No one interests us.  Sad.

Obama: Inspiring election campaigns in Israel…even though they didn’t want him to be president.  Gotta love that bandwagon!

BAFTAS: Slumdog Millionaire won SEVEN awards!  Jeez.  Spread the wealth, guys!

Will Ferrell: People may be walking out of his Broadway show but we have a feeling Will Ferrell gets the last laugh.  Anyone who can show former President Bush’s penis in a show is obviously quite funny.

McDonalds: Sponsoring Fashion Week and giving away free coffee.  Do fashionistas drink coffee?  Or is it that they take anything that’s free?

The Daily Beast: Suggests Jessica Simpson’s weight issues could lead to a financial gain.  ‘Cause, you know, that’s what’s most important.


STILL SIZZLING: If it’s not one thing, it’s always another for this sports star.  His recent headlines about his lovelife are being overshadowed by a new report: testing positive for steroids!

The Grammys: Live Blogging!

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Less than 30 minutes until the 51st annual Grammy Awards.

Full list of nominations here!

Chris Brown is under investigation for  domestic felony battery.  He and Rihanna have canceled their performances!

Four minutes!

U2 opening the show.

Background screen and images are really weird.  Bono does NOT look good over it.  At least not on TV.

Wow, he looks so different without his glasses!  KEEP THEM ON!  KEEP THEM ON!

Whitney Houston is officially coming back.  Just look at her!  (Okay, maybe the hair could be better!)

Whitney going off-script?  Called Clive Davis her “father.” Maybe she isn’t coming back.

Best R & B Album: Jennifer Hudson

Is it a pity win?  Or a deserving one?

Bittersweet, regardless.  Standing ovation deserved.

Looks like she’s wearing a napkin.

Quote: I’d like to thank my family in heaven.–Jennifer Hudson

Does The Rock really live for the Grammys?  Really?

Great Recording Artist Making Music YES!, according to The Rock.  Guess it works.

Quote: I kissed a girl and I liked it!–The Rock

Look at Katy Perry’s face!  Mortification!

Group hosting is always an interesting choice.

Al Green performing with Boys II Men and Keith Urban.  Justin dancing awkwardly.  Guess he’s allowed.

Oh, JT is singing!  That we like!

So far: two performances and one award.

First commercial break more than 15 minutes in.  Not bad.

Love CBS plugging its own shows.  Case in point: The Mentalist’s Simon Baker introducing Coldplay.

So far: three performances and one award.

Very cool piano and mic, Chris Martin.

WOAH!  Jay-Z!  Really like him on slow songs.

Second Keith Urban performance of the night.

So far: FOUR performances and ONE award!

Carrie Underwood’s vocals could be louder.

What’s with everyone customizing their mic these days?

Let the debate on the most successful Idol (non)winner resume once again.

LeAnn Rhimes looks a little washed out.  At least in comparison for Sheryl Crow.

Best Country Performance (Duo or Group): Stay, Sugarland

So far: four performances and two awards.

This Bertollis commercial aired 712387231 times during the SAG awards.  Do not want to see it ever again!

Duffy looking good.

Oh my.  Look at all the old folks!

Song of the Year: Viva La Vida, Coldplay

Is Gwyneth watching from home?

Quote: Sorry for recycling the Sgt. Pepper outfits.–Coldplay dude

Kid Rock not performing that catchy all summer long song?  Disappointing!

So far: five performances and three awards.

Interesting backdrop of foreign flags.

Ah, here’s the summer song!

And now it’s gone.  What a tease!

John Mayer shaved.  Classy.

Chris Brown Doublemint commercial…awkward.

Miley and Taylor duet time!!!!!!!

Acoustic performance.  Good choice?

Quote: When you’re 15 and somebody tells you they love you, you’re believe it–Miley and Taylor (Got it, Nick and Joe Jonas?!)

Really beautiful performance.

Called Taylor her best friend?  What a lie!

Best Pop Collaboration (with vocals): Robert Plant and Alison Kraus.  (Um, who?)

So far: seven performances and four awards.

Not feeling the large earrings, J.Hud.

Another standing O for Hudson as she holds back tears.

All the guys loving Heidi Klum dancing in her skivvies right now.  (Guitar Hero commercial)

Jonas Brothers performance now.  Screams will make us go deaf.  Is that really the desired effect of the Grammys?

What do the Jo. Bros know about Stevie Wonder?

Glad they’re not performing Love Bug.  Cute but too slow.

Joe lookin’ good as always.

Wow.  Never thought we’d see the day where a respected, legendary artist is singing a Jonas Brothers song!

Jo. Bros butchering Superstitious?

So far: eight performances and five awards.


Oh, great joke, Mark Hoppus!

Quote: Blink-182 is back!–Mark

Quote: We decided to play music together again.–Travis (in arm cast!)

Tom DeLonge didn’t say anything, did he?  Hmmm…

Best Rock Album: Viva La Vida, Coldplay (makes them 2 for 2)

Grammys plugs Twitter.

Quote: I’m up for best soul perfromance in a sex tape.  Me versus Screech–Craig Ferguson

Was that Kate Beckinsale covering her daughter’s ears?

Very cute stage for Katy Perry’s performance.

So far: nine performances and five awards.

Her voice doesn’t sound…right. WTF?

Song about kissing a girl with a very phallic banana as the stage’s centerpiece.  Hmmmm.

If she really wanted to make headlines, she would’ve kissed a girl a la Britney and Madonna.

Kanye West has won 10 Grammys?  What is he always bitching about then?!

So far: ten performances and five awards (that’s a 2:1 ratio, folks!)

Back-to-back performances: yay or nay?

Does Kanye really think he looks good with his hair like that?  On second thought, he probably thinks he always looks good.

Smart having performers then give away awards.

Quote: This award has gone to (X, Y and Z) but for some reason not to either one of us.–Kanye (Get over it, bitterface!)

Best New Artist: Adele

Love when full-figured women get recognized!

Wow, she went on stage while chewing gum.  What an amateur!

So far: ten performances and six awards

Does Craig Ferguson know there really is a Bonus Jonas?

Morgan Freeman?  Is this the Oscars or something?

Is his hand still injured???

So far: eleven performances and six awards

Morgan’s friends with Kenny Chesney?  Who knew?!

Very somber Chesney performance.

Always throws me for a loop when they someone’s been a Grammy winner tonight already.  Hate that they do awards off-screen.

Diddy very dressed down!  Prefer him looking swank.

Record of the Year: Please Read This Letter, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss (2 for 2)

What does it say about us that we know nothing about Plant and Krauss?

So far: eleven performances and seven awards

Another CBS plug: Diddy on tomorrow’s CSI: Miami.

What’s with all the old-school clips?  This time: Dean Martin

Is this the first time someone is performing at the Grammys while pregnant like this? (On her due date, no less!)

Wow, what a crazy outfit!

Will this experience induce labor?

So is the black and white only an at-home benefit?

Time for “style, sex appeal and swagger”: Kanye, Lil Wayne, T.I., Jay-Z

Second Kanye performance.  Lucky us.

So far: twelve performances and eight awards

Beautiful dress, Kate Becksinsale!  Just like you!

Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl.  What is with these random pairings?  Do they think people like this?

So far: thirteen performances and eight awards

Grohl needs a haircut, even for him.

Nice to see him behind the drums, though, like his Nirvana days.

Charlie Hayden is Jack Black’s father-in-law?  Randommmm.

Kid Rock, drink-in-hand of course.

Best Male Vocal Performance: Say, John Mayer

What, no shout-out to Jennifer Aniston??

Another collab. performance: Sugarland and Adele

So far: fourteen performances and nine awards

Or no collaboration? Just back-to-back?

Adele has a great voice but she’s a very lackluster performer.

Okay, so it is in fact a duet-like thingie.

Gwyneth is there!!!!!  Looking hot, too!

Why didn’t she introduce Coldplay?

Are we the only ones that don’t think Radiohead is “brilliant”?

Hello, USC marching band!

So far: fifteen performances and nine awards

Samuel L. Jackson is talking about man love.  Oh dear.

Second JT performance.  Tied with Kanye.  same for T.I.

So far: sixteen performances and nine awards

How does T.I. keep that hat on his head? Double-sided tape?

The drummers are pretty cool.

Obama has won two Grammys?  Wow!

Always boring when the head honchos talk.

Think seeing Smokey on TV is cool?  Try interviewing him!  (We did last spring!)

Jamie Foxx, Ne-Yo and…the Four Tops.  Maybe our parents should be watching?

So far: seventeen performances and ten awards

Found the Grammys’ Twitter account!

Found John Mayer’s account with his Grammy tweets!

Neil Diamond.  Where’s Barbra Streisand?  Did no one bring us flowers?

So far: eighteen performances and ten awards

Sweet Caroline never gets old!

Is Beyonce not here?  Camera showed Jay-Z without his lady at his side.

Encore, aka, in memorium tribute: moving, as always.

So far: nineteen performances and ten awards

Another CBS plug: CSI: New York’s Gary Sinese

New Orleans tribute. Overdone by now?

So far: twenty performances and ten awards (back to the 2:1 ratio)

Weird collabs. just got weirder with Robin Thicke and Lil’ Wayne

Will.I.Am. congratulates Obama.  A bit out of place, no?

Wow, was that Solange (Beyonce’s lil’ sis) with Jay-Z?!

Best Rap Album: Tha Carter III, Lil’ Wayne

So far: twenty performances and eleven awards

Gone over by approximately 15 minutes so far.

More than one lifetime achievement award recipients kind of takes away from the honor, no?

Holy smokes!  Another performance?!

Guess we’ll see what all the Robert Plant and Allison Krauss hullabaloo is about!

So far: twenty-one performances and eleven awards

Green Day!  Billie-Joe Armstrong with blonde hair!

Producer of the Year: Rick Rubin

Album of the Year: Raising Sand, Robert Plant and Allison Krauss (3 for 3!)

Wow.  Don’t get it.  AT ALL!

Stevie Wonder closing the show.

And we’re done.  Nearly 30 minutes over.

In the end: 22 performances and 12 awards shown

Wish there were fewer performances.  They used to spice up the mix of awards.  Now the awards were the spice.

Full winners, including those not shown on the show, here!

February 6, 2009

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No more swimming for you!  Or free cereal!

No more swimming for you! Or free cereal!

Michael Phelps: After photos surfaced of him smoking pot, Phelps has been banned from the US Swimming for 3 months and lost his Kellogs endorsement deal.  We always find it really frustrating when people are punished in their jobs for their private behavior!

Beyonce: First there was beef with Aretha Franklin.  And now…Etta James.  The singer that Beyonce portrayed in Cadillac Records–and whose song she sang to Obama at his inaugeration ball–says she “can’t stand” Beyonce and is going to “get her ass whipped.”  Ladies, no need to get physical!

Katy Perry: The quote we talked about earlier this week was errononeously reported by PEOPLE and Perry is pissssssed!  Rightfully so.  Is our favorite celeb publication slipping?

Jennifer Aniston: Let’s hope this quote is right–“”The man’s got balls. What can I say? I think he’s funny,” Aniston on boyfriend John Mayer.

Miley Cyrus: After being criticized for taking so-called racially-insensitive pictures, the singer says she didn’t mean to insult anyone and is convinced people are targeting her “now that Britney is back on top of her game.”  Yep, Miley, that’s exactly why…

BSB: Nick Carter is opening up about his struggle with alcohol and drugs.  That’s 2 out of 5, people…

Superbowl: Just like with Nipplegate, the FCC will investigate this year’s Superbowl porn snafu.

NCIS: Two stars are attached to the new spin-off: Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J.  Can’t see the latter in this type of show, though.

Blink-182: It’s not quite the reunion we had in mind but the 3 former band members will appear together at the Grammys.  It’s the first time they’ll share a stage in more than 4 years.

Grammys: Speaking of, we’ll be live-blogging the event, so be sure to come back this Sunday at 8PM ET!

SIZZLED OUT: Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler

STILL SIZZLING: This former talk show host will be taking over for Sharon Osbourne on the next edition of VH1’s Charm School.

February 4, 2009

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We could've been sisters!

We could've been sisters!

Britney: Apparently those restraining orders come with a price.  Sam Lutfi is suing Brit Brit for defamation.  Wonder if the court will rule him a public figure?

Miley Cyrus: They’ve both dated a Jonas Brother (more on them below!) and now they’ll have something else in common: Grammy performances.  Cyrus will duet with Taylor Swift on this Sunday’s show.

Obama: The Sasha and Malia dolls are being renamed Sydney and Mariah.  Obama wins again!

Twitter: Ashton Kutcher is peeved that media outlets are taking some of his Tweets and misrepresenting him.  Or so he says on his blog.  Which he took to because “140 characters works for some things. Sometimes you need more space.”

TV: The Los Angeles Times is reporting that a new study shows watching TV can lead to depression.  That’s funny, because TV is what keeps us out of it!

HBO: In yet another example of art imitating life, the cable network is developing a new series that will explore the current finanial crisis.  Are they sure spending money on this series is a wise idea given the crisis in the first place?!

Gawker: With newspapers failing and even online sites suffering, Gawker asks: would people rather pay to read the current level of NYT journalism, or have it go away? Not an easy question when you love The New York Times but can’t afford to “waste” money like that.

Gawker Pt. 2: They also put up a hilarious poll asking which Jo Bro you’d lay off.  We know, we know…all of them!

SIZZLED OUT: Justin Timberlake (Jessica Biel)

STILL SIZZLING: Though rarely seen in public, this actress–and close Madonna friend–is denying she, too, is having marriage troubles with her own Brit.

January 21, 2009

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Wish him a happy birthday!

Wish him a happy birthday!

Lost: Premieres tonight.  Too bad we never jumped on the bandwagon.  It’s probably why we can’t enjoy this Lost/Heroes spoof.

Lost, Pt 2: But whether you watch the show or not, The New York Times has fascinating read on the guy in charge of keeping track of every single character and plot development.

Mad Men: Here’s another we haven’t gotten into.  But it’ll be back for a new season!  Never too late…

Ashlee Simpson: Who’s more desperate?  Ashlee and babydaddy Pete Wentz or CSI for employing them?

Oscars: We’re only a day away from the nominations and we finally know who will be doing the big reveal: Forest Whitaker!

Shia LaBeouf: Though he never faced charges from his summer crash, his license was still suspended for refusing a sobriety test.  Know what that means?  One year of being chaffeured around!

Jennifer Hudson: As news surfaced that she’ll perform at the Grammys, the alleged killer of her relatives plead not guilty to murder.

Obama: There’s no doubt that the question of our generation will be where were you when he was inaugurated?  But The St. Petersburg Times points out some other key and relatively recent historical events covered by the media.

Facebook: Had more than 1.5 million status updates related to Obama yesterday.  Wonder what Twitter had?

Twitter: They probably did pretty well, at least according to this.

Spongebob Squarepants: It’s been 10 years since we first met he who lives in a pineapple under the sea.  Nickelodeon is celebrating with a documentary.

TMZ: Large TV audience —-> constant episodes—-> spin-off —-> more terrible TV.  Any questions?

STILL SIZZLING: This ABC star confirmed today that her husband–and father to her two young twins–is suffering from cancer.

January 14, 2009

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Does she look flustered to you?

American Idol: Did you hate last night’s season premiere?  Or that it even premiered at all?  AdAge feels your pain.

Arrested Development: It’s once again unclear whether the series will be made into a movie.  So sick of this back and forth!

Taylor Swift: It’s a frequent question in Hollywood–she can sing but can she act?  Swift will have a chance to prove she’s a double-threat when she guest-stars on CSI.

Bush: Why must he continue to torture us and schedule a farewell speech during primetime? Hasn’t he interrupted enough  TV programming already?

Britney: Her Twitter account was one of the unfortunate celeb ones hacked earlier this month and now someone on her staff may be paying the price.

Kate Winslet: Did you catch her Golden Globes acceptance speeches?  We thought they were endearing and adorable.  Her fellow Brits disagree…strongly.

Vannessa Hudgens: That Twilight report is now being denied.  Good!

Katy Perry: Peeved at PEOPLE and other mags for (allegedly) taking some remarks out of context.  Writes Perry on her blog: “When I wanna share something with the world, the world will know… otherwise, stop looking for a story, or an explanation.”

Ray Romano: Will star in a new TNT “dramedy” about guys going through a mid-life crisis.  Hmmm.  Wonder if this show is autobiographical, too…

Glenn Close: The latest celeb to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  And the best part?  We’ll be going there Friday!

Lil’ Wayne: The first story we’ve seen on who’s performing at the Grammys in February.  Can’t say we’re thrilled.

SIZZLED OUT: Wheel of Fortune

STILL SIZZLING: How will Sizzlemaker do on Wheel of Fortune?  Come back late tomorrow for a recap of the taping.  (Though this doesn’t make us feel too good.)

January 7, 2008

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Think anyone did this to her while she was preggers?

Think anyone did this to her while she was preggers?

Jennifer Garner: Gave birth yesterday to daughter number two.  No word yet if the name will be another crayon color.

John Travolta: Predictably, John, Jett and Kelly Preston are on the cover of this week’s PEOPLE.  Will probably be a big seller.

American Idol: Telling people not to believe a letter they may receive in a mail claiming they’ve won prize money.  Gotta love scams.

Nip/Tuck: Got a scathing review from the Sun-Sentinel.  While we wouldn’t be quite as harsh, we agree the show doesn’t seem as fresh and cutting edge (no pun intended) anymore.

Sarah Palin: After praising her daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law for working hard, word comes that new father Levi Johnston has quit his job after a newspaper discovered he wasn’t eligible for the position.  Ah, investigative journalism at its finest!

The Real World: The Brooklyn edition premieres tonight.  Kind of over it.  How ’bout you?

iTunes: Changing their pricing so that songs cost differently depending on how “popular” they are.

Forbes: T’was their turn for yesterday.  Lucky them.

The Atlantic: Wrote a piece speculating on what would happen if The New York Times went out of business and, let us tell you, it ain’t pretty.

SIZZLED OUT: Lindsay Lohan (Samantha Ronson)

STILL SIZZLING: This singer is offering a contest where fans can submit videos to air during her performance at the Grammys.  Will they try it and will they like it?

December 4, 2008

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For Ro's sake, maybe history should repeat itself!

For Ro's sake, maybe history should repeat itself!

EW: A non-Twilight cover!  Yes!  Jennifer Aniston in its place.  We can deal.  Best part, though: Aniston compares Vogue to a tabloid for fixating its story on her and Brangelina!

Grammys: Nominations are out.  Leading the pack are Lil Wayne and Coldplay, two artists we don’t care for.  Guess that means we have bad taste?

Oprah: Surprise, surprise.  O is bringing her show to D.C. for Obama’s inaugeration.

Obama: Speaking of the inaugeration, what will the Mrs. wear?  There’s some sketches floating around.  They’re not half-bad!

Broadway: Grease is closing.  We never got a chance to see it.  Oh, well.

Broadway Pt. 2: The Flintstones are (maybe) coming!  Will this be Rosie O’Donnell’s next gig?

Neve Campbell: Coming back to primetime as one-half of an interracial couple on a new series.  Modern times call for modern shows!

The Apprentice: Why can’t anyone say ‘you’re fired!’ to Donald Trump?  It would really help us all.  Instead, NBC is planning to air each episode of the new season in two-hour installments.

TV Academy Hall of Fame: Bea Arthur is being inducted!  We do love our Golden Girls!

Luke Wilson: Is he really on Twitter?  Time will tell, we suppose.

The Real World: The subject of a special panel at the Paley Center for Media.  Though this is embarrassing to admit, we really wish we could go!

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