November 9, 2008

3 British boys are better than 1!  (Even if they are the same person)

3 British boys are better than 1! (Even if they are the same person)

Pixar: With two new films (Bolt and Up!) slated to come out within the next 8 months, the genius animation company is already looking ahead to 2012.  It’s probably that TLC that makes their movies so good!

Chuck: We know this will just give us a headache but maybe others out there will enjoy it.  Chuck is going 3-D for one episode that will conveniently air around the Superbowl.  This is the first time the game will air on NBC since 1998.

ER: As the final season starts to approach the midway mark, George Clooney still has not signed on to make a return appearance.  Noah Wyle seems to think differently.  Clooney’s rep gave no comment.  Secrets, secrets.

Britney: Took her boys to Louisiana on her first trip with them out-of-state since she lost custody to K-Fed.  Good for her!

Ed Westwick: The British pretty boy has something new to gossip about: K-Swiss shoes, as he’s now the star of their new international campaign.  If we had a choice, his feet are so NOT the body part we would most like to see.  Just sayin’.

Lost: The fifth season will start January 21, a Wednesday.  ABC isn’t promising the 17 new episodes will be aired straight through.  That’s code for ‘we have a strategic scheduling plan in the works.  We’re just not telling you yet.’

SIZZLED OUT: Conan O’Brien

STILL SIZZLING: One half of this international couple says his infant son is just like a Zen Buddhist.  Is that normal?!

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