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May 18, 2009

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No one messes with my mama!

No one messes with my mama!

Chuck: After delaying an announcement either day, fans can rest easy knowing Chuck and co. will be back for at least a little while.  NBC gave a 13-episode order, a sign of minimal commitment.

Brooke Shields: This is probably the most bizarre story we’ve heard in a while.  Shields is accusing reporters from the National Enquirer of going to mother’s nursing home and checking her out in hopes of conjuring a story for the tabloid.  Well, they’ve certainly got a story now…

Precious: Very moved by the trailer for this film, starring–of all people–Mariah Carey.  If it’s good enough for Sundance and Cannes, Ms. Carey must’ve done something right.

Wuthering Heights: They’re remaking the film for the umpteenth time with a Gossip boy as the lead.  We still need to read the book.

New York Times: Jayson Blair may be long gone but that doesn’t means the days of on-staff plagiarism are over.  Just look to Maureen Dowd for proof.

SIZZLED OUT: Richard Hatch

STILL SIZZLING: This freshmen series will conclude its first season tomorrow night and return in the fall, even though viewers are hightailing  it out of its zip code.

May 5, 2009

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One of our dream romantic reunions!

One of our dream romantic reunions!

NBC: Unveiled its fall programming yesterday, with several new dramas and two comedies.  The network decided to delay an announcement about “on-the-bubble” shows like Chuck and My Name is Earl.

MTV: Movie award nominations, chosen by the fans, are out and Twilight leads the pack.  Considering fans also choose the winners, we’re gonna go out on a limb and say Twilight will bring home the most bronzed popcorn.

Jessica Simpson: Admitted in a new Vanity Fair interview that she hasn’t spoken to ex-hubby Nick Lachey “in years.”  And here we are, still waiting for them to get back together!  (The other couples we haven’t given up hope for: Brad & Jen and Britney & Justin.  Yes, we know we’re deluded.  Leave us be.)

Coldplay: Facing–and ignoring–accusations that they plagiarized melody for their hit “Viva la vida.”  Is there really any way to prove this?  So much harder with music than the written word.

David Hasselhoff: Fighting back rumors that he suffered a severe case of alcohol poisoning over the weekend. The former Baywatch actor has admitted to substance abuse problems in the past, but his lawyers maintain all is well now.

Eminem: Relying on rap to get him “high” now that he’s fought his pill addiction.  We’re rooting for him, especially for the sake of his daughter.

Disney: Would you be more likely to buy an avocado if it was a High School Musical avocado?  That’s the logic Disney is working on but we can’t see parents going that far.

The Onion: Satirical publications are just as screwed as the rest of them.  The Onion, which seems to be loved by everyone but us, will no longer have a Los Angeles edition.  Don’t really understand how they’re cutting out such a huge market, but what do we know?  We’re still unemployed!


STILL SIZZLING: This rapper admits to watching an episode of Gossip Girl or two–only to learn about his film co-star, Chace Crawford.

November 9, 2008

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3 British boys are better than 1!  (Even if they are the same person)

3 British boys are better than 1! (Even if they are the same person)

Pixar: With two new films (Bolt and Up!) slated to come out within the next 8 months, the genius animation company is already looking ahead to 2012.  It’s probably that TLC that makes their movies so good!

Chuck: We know this will just give us a headache but maybe others out there will enjoy it.  Chuck is going 3-D for one episode that will conveniently air around the Superbowl.  This is the first time the game will air on NBC since 1998.

ER: As the final season starts to approach the midway mark, George Clooney still has not signed on to make a return appearance.  Noah Wyle seems to think differently.  Clooney’s rep gave no comment.  Secrets, secrets.

Britney: Took her boys to Louisiana on her first trip with them out-of-state since she lost custody to K-Fed.  Good for her!

Ed Westwick: The British pretty boy has something new to gossip about: K-Swiss shoes, as he’s now the star of their new international campaign.  If we had a choice, his feet are so NOT the body part we would most like to see.  Just sayin’.

Lost: The fifth season will start January 21, a Wednesday.  ABC isn’t promising the 17 new episodes will be aired straight through.  That’s code for ‘we have a strategic scheduling plan in the works.  We’re just not telling you yet.’

SIZZLED OUT: Conan O’Brien

STILL SIZZLING: One half of this international couple says his infant son is just like a Zen Buddhist.  Is that normal?!