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March 20, 2009

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The latest example of Pixar genius

The latest example of Pixar genius

Chris Brown: The New York Times has a really interesting piece exploring why teens might be siding with him in the Rihanna case.  The court of law may decide his legal fate, but these kids get to decide whether to make or break his career.

Jennifer Lopez: Joined (ironically?) by a bunch of young C-list stars in a West Side Story photo spread in Vanity Fair.

Obama: Made some good quips with Jay Leno last night, but do people want a president that’s funny and taking time out for late-night appearances?  Or does that make him seem more “real”?

Family Guy: Here’s a nomination for weirdest cross-over in TV history.  Stewie will interact with David Boreanaz’s character on an upcoming episode of Bones.

VH1: Bringing back one of their old staples, Behind the Music.  Which is interesting considering they don’t seem to do much with music these days.  So far only Lil’ Wayne and Scott Weiland have been announced as the biography series’ subjects.

Pixar: The creators of Wall-E will have the honor of opening the prestegious Cannes Film Festival with their newest film, Up.  With their track record, it’s bound to be a hit.

Twitter: The staff at Good Morning America is so happy about their Twitter use that they released a statement saying how they more followers than competing news programs.  ‘Cause, you know, that’s what’s most important.


STILL SIZZLING: This comedian isn’t laughing now that he watched his own brother be indicted for stealing his money.

November 9, 2008

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3 British boys are better than 1!  (Even if they are the same person)

3 British boys are better than 1! (Even if they are the same person)

Pixar: With two new films (Bolt and Up!) slated to come out within the next 8 months, the genius animation company is already looking ahead to 2012.  It’s probably that TLC that makes their movies so good!

Chuck: We know this will just give us a headache but maybe others out there will enjoy it.  Chuck is going 3-D for one episode that will conveniently air around the Superbowl.  This is the first time the game will air on NBC since 1998.

ER: As the final season starts to approach the midway mark, George Clooney still has not signed on to make a return appearance.  Noah Wyle seems to think differently.  Clooney’s rep gave no comment.  Secrets, secrets.

Britney: Took her boys to Louisiana on her first trip with them out-of-state since she lost custody to K-Fed.  Good for her!

Ed Westwick: The British pretty boy has something new to gossip about: K-Swiss shoes, as he’s now the star of their new international campaign.  If we had a choice, his feet are so NOT the body part we would most like to see.  Just sayin’.

Lost: The fifth season will start January 21, a Wednesday.  ABC isn’t promising the 17 new episodes will be aired straight through.  That’s code for ‘we have a strategic scheduling plan in the works.  We’re just not telling you yet.’

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STILL SIZZLING: One half of this international couple says his infant son is just like a Zen Buddhist.  Is that normal?!