Introducing…Breaking Tweets Entertainment!

Sizzlemaker is proud to announce her latest project: Breaking Tweets Entertainment.

Breaking Tweets Entertainment, an affiliate site of Breaking Tweets, compiles the latest entertainment news and Twitter feedback on that news.

BT Entertainment covers four main areas of the industry: television, music, movies, and celebrities. Content includes reviews, reactions, controversies, concerts, award shows, castings, and appearances/sightings.

Tweets are manually selected by editors (like Sizzlemaker!) and arranged to tell a story in a journalistic-style, including transition paragraphs. Tweets are essentially treated as quotes. Those with pictures, videos, and/or eyewitness accounts from the scene are priority, while tweets with instant reaction to the news will also be selected.

Sites on the Breaking Tweets Network seek to prove the value of Twitter as both a breaking news source and journalistic platform.

The bottom line: Keep coming to Sizzle for your entertainment news and check BT Ent for reaction to that news!

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