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Extended Hiatus

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It’s after much thought and careful consideration that we’ve decided to go on an extended hiatus from SIZZLE.

We dived into the blogging world six months ago and things have spiraled–in a good way!–since then.

We’ve learned how to use different software, participate in social media and provide a service to readers while exercising the skills we already had.

We now run three blogs and, despite our interest in the content, it’s just gotten to be too much.  Something’s gotta give.

And, unfortunately, it’s going to be our first born.

We’ll continue working on TeenDramaWhore and Breaking Tweets Entertainment.

Maybe we’ll come back to SIZZLE at some point.  Maybe we won’t.

The truth is right now we don’t know.

But we know, for now, for this site, this is it.

Much thanks and love to all our readers.


May 6, 2009

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Causing trouble?

Causing trouble?

American Idol: Ryan Seacrest’s “right hand”–and by that, we mean one of his crew members–suffered an injury during rehearsal when the movable staircase malfunctioned.  Seacrest tweeted later that she was “doing much better.”

Kirstie Alley: Her post-Jenny Craig weight gain earned her the cover of this week’s PEOPLE.  At least she consented to the article.  Would really hate if it was a write-around, like the Jessica Simpson cover stories from a few months ago.

Kiefer Sutherland: The 24 actor reportedly had a little scuffle outside a Met Costume Gala after-party.  Doesn’t he know the goal of each day should be avoiding getting sent to jail again?!

Ryan Reynolds: Following the success of Wolverine, Reynolds will reprise his role as Deadpool in his own spin-off flick.  To be honest, we haven’t seen any X-Men movies but Reynolds isn’t really the superhero type…

Sizzlemaker: Did an interview with SisterDivas Magazine about Sizzle and other blogs. Check it out!


STILL SIZZLING: This unauthorized biography wasn’t exactly a home run.  In fact, despite recent controversey, sales have been quite lackluster.

Introducing…Breaking Tweets Entertainment!

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Sizzlemaker is proud to announce her latest project: Breaking Tweets Entertainment.

Breaking Tweets Entertainment, an affiliate site of Breaking Tweets, compiles the latest entertainment news and Twitter feedback on that news.

BT Entertainment covers four main areas of the industry: television, music, movies, and celebrities. Content includes reviews, reactions, controversies, concerts, award shows, castings, and appearances/sightings.

Tweets are manually selected by editors (like Sizzlemaker!) and arranged to tell a story in a journalistic-style, including transition paragraphs. Tweets are essentially treated as quotes. Those with pictures, videos, and/or eyewitness accounts from the scene are priority, while tweets with instant reaction to the news will also be selected.

Sites on the Breaking Tweets Network seek to prove the value of Twitter as both a breaking news source and journalistic platform.

The bottom line: Keep coming to Sizzle for your entertainment news and check BT Ent for reaction to that news!

February 27, 2009

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In love.  At least for today.

In love. At least for today.

AniMayer: Still wondering where this supposedly serious relationship came from?  PEOPLE has a great recap of their path to “love.”  Our question: how long til it’s over?

DWTS: Supposedly Lil’ Kim will “surprise a lot of people.” We’re pretty nervous that’ll all be from her wardrobe choices.  Also, Jewel will still compete despite a small injury this week.  Fun fact: Her hubby–and fellow competitor–thinks getting her pregnant will help him win!

The Simpsons: Will become the longest-running scripted show, with 22 seasons, in history now that Fox gave it a two-season extension.  To put it in context, though, this will mean only 400-something shows.  Beverly Hills, 90210 had 10 seasons and 300 shows!

Jamie Foxx: Taking name-dropping to a new level by…face-dropping.  The actor-turned-music star features a slew of celebrities in his new video, including Jake Gyllenhaal, Ron Howard, Samuel L. Jackson and more.  Random group, no?

Tom Brady: There’s little details out there but apparently he and Gisele Bundchen got married yesterday.  Wonder how his babymama, actress Bridget Moynahan, feels about this.

Newsday: The idea of paying for on-line news has been bandied about by a number of people and Newsday (our hometown paper!) announced that they’ll be doing just that.  Understand that newspapers need more revenue these days to function but not sure charging readers is the way to go.  Might even drive people away.

Wheel of Fortune: Don’t forget to watch Sizzlemaker tonight!  Check your local listings for time and channel.


STILL SIZZLING: This famous funny man is coming back to television…sort of.  He’ll be producing a reality show that, apparently, isn’t about nothing.