October 17, 2008 Pt. 2

I'm not Sharpay!

I'm not Sharpay!

Eminem: Finally coming back on the radar.  But not with new music but a memoir instead.  He’s had an interesting public life thus far.  We can’t wait to get more details!

Andy Dick: He gets to wear a new accessory for the next year: an alcohol monitor bracelet!

Prison Break: Rumor has it there are 3 deaths in the upcoming episodes.  While we’re sad to see anyone go, maybe this means the show will finally have a simple plot.

Gossip Girl: Critics are saying it gets better with each episode–and the best is still yet to come.  We totally disagree…and yet we can’t stop watching!

Chris Kilpatrick: Called ex-bandmate Lance Bance the worst dancer in NSYNC but also noted he’s “amazing” on DWTS.  That’s sort of a compliment.  Maybe.  Kinda.

Ashley Tisdale: She’s said she wants to shed her HSM image.  Step one: dying her hair.  Weird to see her with this color when Seventeen has her on the cover of their new issue as a blonde.

2 Responses to “October 17, 2008 Pt. 2”

  1. blond or brunette, shes pretty much just hot

    dicks retarded! not funny at all.

  2. Chris Kilpatrick Says:

    By the bye mate, the chap in NSYNC is Chris Kirkpatrick not Kilpatrick.

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