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January 5, 2008

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The new parents are keeping it in the family!

The new parents are keeping it in the family!

Gossip Girl: Back from its winter hiatus tonight!  And so is One Tree Hill!  We couldn’t be happier!

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Before the holidays she was engaged.  After the holidays she’s single.  That time of the year can be hard on all of us, we tell ya.

Rebecca Romijn: Gave birth to twin girls last week, one of which is named Charlie…as in Jerry O’Connell’s brother Charlie.  Awkward?

Jennifer Hudson: Contrary to rumors, she won’t be performing at Obama’s inauguration.  Wonder when she’ll get back out there?  Not that we can blame her…

The Bachelor: As we said in November, we’re very interested in seeing what happens this season, which premieres tonight.  A single dad going on a dating show?  So not fair to the kid.

NYT: Credits “superheroes” with saving the film industry in 2008.

NYT Pt. 2: Unfortunately for them, their own industry has yet to be saved.  More evidence of how bad things are: the newspaper will now have ads on its front page–a very non-traditional move.

Men’s Vogue: Going from a previously announced 2 issues a year to…none, according to The Media is Dying.

Perez Hilton: Expect to see him everywhere this week hawking his new book.  Groan.

Facebook: Celebs with legit profiles include Lance Bass, Julie Benz and Josh Groban, but good luck finding them!

Twitter: That nasty virus is still going around and led to the hacking of some celeb accounts.  Guess that helps this article which advocates banning them altogether!  Maybe they should join Facebook?

Sizzle: Check out the shout-out we got on the One Tree Hill Blog!

SIZZLED OUT: Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg), Gossip Girl

STILL SIZZLING: This former Idol was voted favorite star under 35, a new category for the People’s Choice Awards.

October 17, 2008 Pt. 2

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I'm not Sharpay!

I'm not Sharpay!

Eminem: Finally coming back on the radar.  But not with new music but a memoir instead.  He’s had an interesting public life thus far.  We can’t wait to get more details!

Andy Dick: He gets to wear a new accessory for the next year: an alcohol monitor bracelet!

Prison Break: Rumor has it there are 3 deaths in the upcoming episodes.  While we’re sad to see anyone go, maybe this means the show will finally have a simple plot.

Gossip Girl: Critics are saying it gets better with each episode–and the best is still yet to come.  We totally disagree…and yet we can’t stop watching!

Chris Kilpatrick: Called ex-bandmate Lance Bance the worst dancer in NSYNC but also noted he’s “amazing” on DWTS.  That’s sort of a compliment.  Maybe.  Kinda.

Ashley Tisdale: She’s said she wants to shed her HSM image.  Step one: dying her hair.  Weird to see her with this color when Seventeen has her on the cover of their new issue as a blonde.