November 25, 2008 Pt. 2

where's Clare?!

Where's Clare?!

90210: Season 6 of the original came out on DVD and, of course, we bought our copy first thing this morning.   The first of many letdowns: there aren’t any special features, just like there weren’t for season 5.  Don’t understand that at all, especially since the ones for seasons 1-4 were pretty good.

90210 Pt. 2: Why is the cast photo on the cover incomplete?  Kathleen Robertson, a series regular, is nowhere to be seen!  Then, on the DVDs themselves, David and Val are missing and pics of Brandon and Kelly are repeated.

90210 Pt. 3 The description on the box’s back says these eps take place “outside the college campus.”  Excuse us, but we’re pretty sure CU is relevant to the entire season.  And check out this episode description: “Dylan is bored to death at his bachelor party.”  That’s the episode where his wife actually dies and Dylan leaves town.  Way to mince words and bury (or not even include!) the lede!

DWTS: The winning duo won’t be crowned til later tonight but one critic thinks the judges already made it blatantly clear who is going to win.

Brad Pitt: Has he been “pardoned” for cheating on Jen with Angie?  We think so.  But we’re so not okay with that!

Obama: A fun(ny) look at what might happen to magazines if the Obama fascination continues.

Twitter: Worth $500 million?  Facebook says no.  And as much as we like out tweets, we have to agree.  That’s a lot of money!

Facebook: Scratch that.  $500 million is pocket-change when compared to $873 million.  Facebook was just awarded that hefty sum in a lawsuit against a major spammer.  Odds are they won’t see most of the money, though.  No wonder they won’t buy Twitter!

Vanity Fair: Who cares if no one has any jobs, we’re still going to party!  That seems to be VF’s mentality

Batman: The comic book will kill off the caped crusader in a future issue.  What does this mean for the film franchise?

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