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November 10, 2008 Pt.2

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Britney and a healthy Jayden

Britney and a healthy Jayden

Britney: While on that first family trip, tragedy almost struck.  Son Jayden, 2, spent the night in the hospital after suffering an allergic reaction.  He’s “fine” now.

Jennifer Hudson: Though he still hasn’t been charged with any crimes, Hudson’s brother-in-law will remain in jail on a parole violation.  His girlfriend told cops he told her he was involved in the murders.

Gossip Girl: They say the show is like a chess game.  And their inspiration?  You can thank William Shakespeare for that.  What either of these things have in common with GG we’re still not sure.

Jennie Garth: In a preview story for tomorrow’s episode of 90210, Garth tells the New York Post that Kelly’s trip with Dylan didn’t go so well and now she’s ready to start a life without him.  Can’t they do anything to make original viewers happy?  Garth cites her loyalty to longtime fans but this certainly isn’t showing it.

Oprah: Launching an on-line store.  Will she be giving away cars with that?

PEOPLE: Marking its 35th anniverary and the 35th People’s Choice Awards with a new category: hottest star under 35.  And we thought they said age was nothing but a number…

October 12, 2008

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The movie that brought us Russell Brand.  We're still not sure if that's a good thing.

The movie that brought us Russell Brand. We're still not sure if that's a good thing.

NBC: So it turns out millions and millions of people tuning into your station doesn’t guarantee moolah.  The network actually lost money on their Olympics coverage.  Can’t say we feel bad.

Jennie Garth: The perennial fave 90210 actress admits to questioning the super-skinny bodies of her new younger co-stars.  She says if she were in charge, those girls might get a talking to.  Um, Jennie, didn’t anyone ever tell you not to speak out against your boss?  See Shannen Doherty, circa 1994.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall: We’ll be using this 3-disc special edition to tide us over until the next Judd Apatow pic hits the screens.

Rock of Love Charm School with Sharon Osbourne: Premieres tonight, but how many people actually find Sharon Osbourne charming?

SIZZLED OUT: Foo Fighters

STILL SIZZLING: Which celebrity did Forbes name as the most-bankable magazine cover?