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February 19, 2009

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Worthy of praise and scholarly study?

Worthy of praise and scholarly study?

Obama: It was only a matter of time before a political cartoon relating to our new president caused outrage.  Freedom of the press?  Low blow? Undecided how we feel.

Solange: Beyonce’s little sis had a little scare yesterday when she passed out and woke up in the hospital.  She took to her Twitter to tell everyone the problem was just dehydration.  So is this the future of PR?

Oprah: Caught part of an episode today and saw she was communicating with guests via Skype.  So is the future of talk shows?

Oscars: If you’re not into the nominated movies (and believe us, it’s possible!), here are three other reasons to watch: Zac Efron, Miley and Robert Pattison.  Still not convinced?  Yeah, we didn’t think so.

The Hills: One of the shows that will be the subject of panels at this year’s Paley Festival.  The Hills?  Seriously?

MC Hammer: Getting his own reality show on A & E.  Didn’t know he had 5 kids!  But also not really surprised…

Katherine McPhee: In addition to appearing on an upcoming episode of Brothers & Sisters, the former American Idol contestant will do a guest stint on CSI.  Looks like someone has a case of the acting bug!

USA Today: We like this headline–‘Lost’ and ’24’: Simple titles, complex, brilliant shows.

Facebook: A recent uproar about Terms of Service changes may have been quelled but it’s still worth reading what happened and who was behind it.

SIZZLED OUT: Justin Guarini

STILL SIZZLING: This popular former game show host admits he’s not one of its “loyal” viewers.  Guess he doesn’t want to come on down to TV set.

October 24, 2008

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That's how we feel right now

That's how we feel right now

HSM: We can’t get all the new songs out of our head! (This is not a bad thing!)

Spring Awakening: First RENT closes, and now this?  We don’t think we can handle much more.  And for the record, we’re totally blaming this on 90210.

Smurfs: The blue guys first made their debut a whopping 50 years ago.  And they’re not done yet.  Expect a full-length movie and a new TV series.  Also expect “girl empowerment,” whatever that means.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: The View co-host is going on the campaign trail for McCain and Palin.  We’re sure the show will get at least a week’s worth of hot topics out of this–and we don’t mind one bit!

90210: AnnLynne McCord (Naomi) says it’s really stressful working long hours and getting up early.  We don’t feel bad for you AT ALL.

Bono: The next great journalist?  May be considering he now has a gig writing op-ed columns in The New York Times.  Good for his fame or all just because of his fame?

Solange: After she told us over the summer that she didn’t want to be compared to big sis Beyonce, the two will likely tour together.  Makes no sense.  And don’t even get us started on B’s Sasha Fierce crap.

Macauly Culkin: Will star in a mid-season NBC comedy.  We didn’t even know he was still in the biz.

SIZZLED OUT: Charlie Sheen

STILL SIZZLING: Which singer insisted yesterday that there’s no feud between her and a certain star–even though they share a common flame?