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October 20, 2008

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Once a strange family, always a strange family.

Once a strange family, always a strange family.

The Spellings: Randy says late father Aaron would love the new 90210.  Candy was named woman of the year.  What planet are they living on?!

W: Looks like Bush even fails at the box office.  Life imitating art?

Red Sox: Not going to the World Series.  Guess this year wasn’t a total loss for the Yanks!

Matt Damon: Coming back for another Bourne installment.  Does it ever get old?

HSM: We’re only days away from the new movie!  Yesssss!

Faith Hill: 41 and on the cover of SHAPE in a bikini.  Good for her!

Lil’ Wayne: Will become a dad in mere “days.”  Who even knew he was married?  That’s right; he’s probably not.

SIZZLED OUT: Tori Spelling

STILL SIZZLING: Which famous gossip columnist just turned 85 and still manages to scoop us all?